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Is it Your Time to Shine?

3 Days, 1,000 Entrepreneurs, One Unforgettable Experience...

There is only a little bit more time to sign up for Ali Brown’s Shine Event. If you aren\'t convinced that this program if for you, please do yourself a favor and check it out now at Ali Brown’s Shine Event.

Can YOU benefit from coaching with Ali Brown?

June 14, 2010

If you’ve been floundering around long enough in your business and are ready to get serious about doing what it takes to get to the next level, you may be ready to “go Platinum” this summer. Watch this video and see if you’d like to join Ali and Platinum Head Coach James Roche LIVE on a one-time call this Wednesday, 6/16 where they will walk you through what the Platinum program entails, and help you determine if you’re ready for Platinum membership.


Coaching Business Secrets with Ali Brown

February 9, 2010

A One-Time Complimentary Teleseminar with Leading Entrepreneur & Business Coach Ali Brown on Tuesday, February 23, 2010 at 5pm Pacific

To: Coaches, Consultants, and Anyone Who Has Considered Coaching Others

In 2006, four years into her core business, Ali launched what she considered to be her very first high-priced coaching program. She was so nervous when she announced the $12,000 fee on stage! Today, just a few years later, Alexandria Brown commands $100,000 per membership in her top tier program.

To get from there to here,she had to learn a lot – the hard way. It wasn’t an easy ride. There was trial and error. Some things even blew up in the process! Some privately, some publicly. But the risk paid off…

Today, Ali’s coaching programs are well-oiled machines that last year alone brought in over $2 million. (Would you like a piece of that?) She offers various tiers of membership to be able to serve entrepreneurs of all income levels. (And her star members are experiencing stellar results, which is the best part of all! But this isn’t about that right now…)

Ali Has Learned a Lot, and Now It’s Time for Her to Share It With You

I’m not sharing these numbers with you to impress you, but instead to impress upon you that Ms Brown definitely learned how to expertly design, sell, and run coaching programs.

Of course, she’s not claiming to be the best in the world at creating these programs. Nor is she claiming to be the best coach in the world (but I think she’s one of the best!). Ali has grown her coaching business from what started as a little cash cow “on the side” into a substantial arm of her company that brings in millions of dollars a year.  Wouldn’t that be a blast if you could do it too?

Well, now it’s YOUR turn! For the first time EVER she’s about to peel back the curtain and reveal for YOU her secrets for designing, selling, and running outrageously profitable coaching programs.

Join Ali for this FREE one-time call on Tuesday, February 23, at 8 pm Eastern where she’ll be revealing:

  • the most POPULAR types of coaching programs that are in demand right now
  • which types of programs are NOT easy to sell right now (don’t waste your time)
  • her personal 3 no-fail formulas for various levels of group coaching delivery
  • which price points ($$$) are working well across the board in many industries
  • the biggest mistake I see most solo-preneurs make when launching their coaching programs (it’s sad to see them shoot themselves in the foot, and publicly)
  • hidden DANGERS of continuity (membership) programs, and how to avoid them
  • details about her groundbreaking, private Coaching Business Intensive happening this summer, where over two full days she’ll personally walk us through exactly how to design, sell, and run our own profitable programs.
  • yes, I plan to be there right along side of you.

Don’t miss out on this exciting teleseminar. Go to to secure your seat and gain access to the call recording as well.

Find out more about Ali Brown at: The Completely Unofficial Alexandria Brown Blog

Ali Brown Speaks about “Ali Magazine” on WJXT in Jacksonville

October 13, 2009

Ali Brown discusses the fabulous new Ali Magazine and the differences between how women work and how men work.

Is Paris Hilton or Angelina Jolie a better role model for your daughter?

These are some of the topics covered in Ali Magazine.

Alexandria Brown’s Newest Program *Business Building Blocks*

September 28, 2009

Ali Brown’s newest program *Business Building Blocks: Your solid foundation for growing a million dollar company* is filling up FAST.
The course begins in just a week from today: Monday, October 5.

(In a hurry? Check out the details here: Ali Brown’s Business Building Blocks)

Many programs out there focus on pushing your hot buttons by telling you how much revenue you’ll make, without even touching on the business basics.

That ticks me off because I know what they’re really doing. Many simply share a piece of the puzzle with you, leaving you floundering and frustrated at not being able to break through the barriers to solid business growth.

That is exactly why Ali created her newest program, *Business Building Blocks: Your solid foundation for growing a million dollar company.*

Some of the important things you’ll learn in this one-of-a-kind program are:
*5 strategies to set up your business for success – no matter what your current level

*Cash flow secrets – keep the green flowing…even in a tough economy

*How to structure your existing business for fast growth (without imploding!)

*3 marketing and positioning strategies to increase your income immediately with your current business

*Important legal considerations for your type of business (make sure to protect yourself and your family)

*Keys to running your business like a million-dollar enterprise…even if you don’t have money for marketing or staff

For “maybe” business owners: Whether or not entrepreneurship is right for you (it’s a whole different ball game)

* And too much more to cover here. Ali Brown’s Business Building Blocks

When you aren’t taught the BASICS there will always be limits on how successful your business can be.

P.S. There’s just 41 bonus CDs remaining. Don’t delay to get your copy of “Ali’s Biz Quickies – 25 Easy Tips for Fast Business Growth” here: Ali Brown’s Business Building Blocks

Ali Brown’s Business Building Blocks Call Today

September 22, 2009

Ali Brown Describes Her Business Building Blocks Call

Ali Brown - Business Building Blocks

“After years of “winging it” in my first few attempts at a business of my own, I realized I’d been on the entrepreneurial roller coaster far too long. Cash flow was up and down, my operations were a mess, and working with even just a few assistants was like a three-ring circus. My business was running me instead of me running it.”

“Finally, I had to adopt a new mentality – I had to truly learn how to run and grow a business! I stopped treating it like a hobby and became an informed entrepreneur. After all, if you want a different result, you have to do things differently.”

“I made changes, and as you know, the payoff has been phenomenal.
Today I have a solid business that has annual revenues in the multiple millions of dollars. My team is a smooth-running machine that supports our offerings and growth. And my company ranks at
#263 this year in the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies in the nation!”

“While this may seem far off to you, who may still be working at the kitchen table, listen up…if you can learn these important keys now – well before I did in my career – you will set yourself up for success from the start and avoid many of the pitfalls I encountered along the way.”

“Because this topic is so important to me to share, I have developed a full program called “Business Building Blocks,” and on this one-time special teleseminar, I’ll give you a generous preview of what’s included in the course.”

Sign up for the call right now at Business Building Blocks

Ali Brown Helps Entrepreneurs “Shine”

September 20, 2009

Have you heard about Ali Brown‘s event called “Shine“?  Check out the video below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Join one of the most dynamic female entrepreneurs of our generation — Ali Brown — as she hosts a life-shifting experience to uncover the millionaire inside. This unprecedented three-day event in Las Vegas, Nevada, will establish a new standard for entrepreneurs, uniting purpose, passion, and self-discovery along with a strategic plan to build a successful and secure business model that can provide for years to come.

Join Ali Brown November 5-7, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada, for SHINE: Discover Your True Wealth™

Find out more and register at Ali Brown’s Shine Event.

PS – I’m stunned that there are any seats left still, so you might want to take a look right away.